CoQ10 Dosage High Blood Pressure

Do you have vague symptoms, such as low energy, decreases in mental function, chronic muscle pain or joint discomfort.  Many doctors don’t recognize the simple solution to this “mystery illness”.  The solution may simply be a nutritional deficiency that compromises heart function. Also there’s a relationship between lowered levels of Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 and high blood pressure.  What’s the best CoQ10 dosage for high blood pressure?

Metabolites are molecules made by our bodies from precursors – one such metabolite is CoQ10.  As we age the body produces less and less CoQ10.  In fact CoQ10 deficiency affects the majority of people over 45.  CoQ10 aids in metabolism in every cell of the body and is in the highest concentration in the mitochondria or energy engines of each cell.  Your heart beats 100,000 times each day to bring oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body, especially brain cells.  CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and is most concentrated in the heart muscles because of the high energy demands.  When supplies are low, your heart strains to produce all the energy it needs to power all the cells.  You can see how the lack of  CoQ10 and high blood pressure is very dangerous for your heart.  So a good start for CoQ10 dosage for high blood pressure is 30 milligrams.

Natural doctors recommend that everyone 60 years and over should consider a 30 milligram CoQ10 dosage for high blood pressure. However, a 50 to 150 milligram CoQ10 dosage for high blood pressure would be more beneficial if you’re very low in CoQ10 levels.  People who are under stress, ill or taking certain medications, particularly statins, need a higher CoQ10 dosage for high blood pressure.  Statin drugs drain your heart of CoQ10.

Keep in mind that all CoQ10 supplements are not the same.  Make sure the CoQ10 is 100% natural,  because the synthetic variety is made from tobacco leaves.  On the label it should say trans-form CoQ10 which is identical to CoQ10 produced naturally in your body.  It’s also natural if it’s made using yeast fermentation.  CoQ10 energizes your heart, boosts brain power and mental clarity, provides cellular energy to combat fatigue, eliminates harmful free radicals that accumulate in your body, and CoQ10 lowers high blood pressure.


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